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Društvo psorijatičara Hrvatske - Croatian Psoriasis Association

It is time to stop hiding. It is time to take action!

The Croatian Association of Patients with Psoriasis is a voluntary, humanitarian social organisation that gathers people suffering from any kind of the disease called PSORIASIS throughout the Republic of Croatia.

Even people not suffering from psoriasis can become our members if they are interested in the problems regarding this disease and as long as they contribute to the improvement of our activities.

The aim of the Association is to make it possible for all psoriasis patients to get the best treatment; moreover, the Association helps our patients to protect and explain their needs as well as to solve all problems they may encounter.

The Association gathers and organizes all patients suffering from psoriasis as well as other people, it organises and supports the treatment of the patient, it raises the awareness of psoriasis among patients and within their environment; our Association also supports, organizes and helps medical research in the field of psoriasis and is involved in any kind of activities aimed at implementing its programme.

The activities of our Association:

  • starting local branches and other forms of organised activities
  • organising and carrying out professional and scientific congresses, conferences, consultation meetings and informative lectures
  • members and representatives of the Association participating in professional and scientific conferences in Croatia and abroad
  • co-operation with medical institutions and above all with dermatologic clinics, wards and polyclinics
  • co-operation with companies and institutions that have employees suffering from psoriasis so as to solve possible problems they may have
  • co-operation with similar association in Croatia and abroad
  • other activities that comply with our aims and are approved by the Assembly or some other body of the Association

The Croatian Association of Patients with Psoriasis was started by prim. dr. Danilo Živković in 1985. After a few years’ break, the Association began its activities again on 10 February 2012.

Associations with whom we work together


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